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The 3 Most Important Things in Online Marketing

To paraphrase that old real estate “location” joke:

Q. What are the three most important things in the online marketing game?

A. Clarity, Clarity, Clarity!

Sounds glib, and yet it is true. The biggest problem that most businesses have when it comes to web marketing – any marketing – is a lack of clarity.

online marketing clarity

You need clarity about what you do, who you serve, what problems you solve for your customers when you do it, why they should choose you over the competition and what words you can use that hit your prospect’s hot buttons and have them clamouring to buy.

What You Do

This one seems simple on the surface, but often it is not. A great many businesses suffer from not being able to clearly articulate what it is they do. Ever met one of those people who when you ask the question “what do you do?” you get a long and winding answer that leaves you no clearer than before you asked? That is a problem.

The trouble is, without slowing down and doing some thinking, you can’t do it. And slowing down and thinking clearly is hard work. Our brains are wired up to avoid it at all costs – by making us not feel like doing it. SO most of us don’t do it, and when we’re asked what we do, we either give a simple answer that does not communicate the true value of what you do or we confuse people with too many words, many of which may be industry jargon.

A great way to solve this problem is to get clear on what you DON’T do. If you can clearly articulate, for example, that you don’t repair old roofs, then it becomes clear that you specialise in new roofs only. And from there on in you can hone the message: we don’t do tiled roofs, only colorbond, etc, etc.

Who You Serve

“Everyone” is not a good strategy. The problem with saying we serve “anyone who needs what we do” is that you have no capacity to hit potential customers (prospects) right in the feels. What you want is for people to come to your website, perhaps after a protracted and frustrating search and feel like “Ah, at last: I’ve FOUND it! THIS is what I was looking for!”

It’s pretty hard to achieve that when your marketing efforts aren’t very targeted. You need to get specific. Think of your single ideal customer – base them on a real one or a composite of real ones – and write out why this imaginary person is your ideal customer: what problems you specifically solve for them, what they love about your business and why they came to you in the first place. Then write everything as if you were directly talking to this single individual.
This will give your communications an edge. It will make it the signal in the noise for the right kind of customers. Sure, you might still take on slightly different types of customers, but by creating this kind of clarity in your marketing you will stand out from the competition instead of just getting lost in the crowd.

Don’t worry about missing out on other types of customers because of this: you won’t. Your choices are between NOBODY caring about or paying attention to your marketing or a small section of the population noticing and caring deeply about what you offer. Unless you have the budget of Coca Cola you’re never going to reach the masses so forget about that. Get targeted and win.

Why They Should Choose You Over The Competition

Everyone has competition. In my game, websites and online marketing, the competition is so fierce as to be a little hilarious, and yet there is still so much scope for winning business because most people cannot clearly differentiate themselves from the masses. This is also hilarious – because my competition are supposed to be marketers who know what they are doing (and some do – but most totally do not).

By having clarity over what makes you different and why your ideal customer should choose you over the competition, you set yourself apart and you become valuable.

Remember our imaginary roofer in the example above? Now – I know nothing about the roofing game – but for the sake of illustration, let’s pretend that it takes the average roofing company 4 – 5 days to install a new roof. That would mean (should it be true) that for several days your home life is going to be very disrupted. There will be mess everywhere, tradies rocking up at an ungodly hour every morning and of course – you have no roof! If it rains – look out!

So if you were the only roofer around that guaranteed a new roof installed by dinner time – as in the old roof taken off and a new one installed in just one working day, well that would be some serious differentiation!

Now maybe all roofers do this, I wouldn’t have a clue, (I know that in the US there is a house painting company that does this) but the point is that by having serious clarity around why you are a better alternative than the competition — for a specific subset of the total pool of potential customers — this gives you a massive edge. It makes it easy to get new customers, instead of difficult.

Clarity, clarity, clarity. Get clear and the problem of how to get found and get more customers becomes a doddle.

The average website flunky out there wouldn’t have a clue how to help you with this problem, that’s how we’re different: contact us now to discuss getting some clarity around your business so you can break away from the pack and start kicking some real goals already.

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