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How to Create a Value Proposition that Compels Customers to Call (5 Steps)

value propositions that drive customers to call

#1 marketing secret articleThis is part two of a series. The first part, “The #1 secret to all great marketing success stories” talks about the power of Value Propositions and is published this September in the Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine. 

It’s one thing to read (or write!) about Value Propositions, it’s entirely another to actually create one that works in the wild.

Here is a simple 5 step process to do so. (Simple, but alas, not necessarily easy.)

1 – Listen To What Your Customers Are Actually Saying

As business people, we are often obsessed with action – and rightly so, for action is the only thing actually achieves results. However, we all know people or businesses that are busy yet not particularly successful. In order to focus your action with regards to creating a compelling value proposition, take some time out to sit and think – or walk and think, if you prefer, but get away from the computer and the phone for a bit.

value propositions that drive customers to call

Ask yourself this: Why do you do what you do the way you do it?

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Web Marketing Company Near Me

You’re looking for a “web marketing company near me”, let’s see if we can help: we cover Melbourne metro and Melbourne’s Eastern & Southern suburbs. We come to you.

If you’ve just typed in “website company near me” or something similar, then there are several factors we need to address: firstly, what do you mean by “near me”? My guess is you don’t want to have to drive too far or perhaps you’d like someone who can come to you.

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Web Marketing is Simple – and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on customers

web marketing for small business is simple

Websites: every great business has one but there is more to it than just throwing up a website and calling it a day, because as well as a website, every great business also has:

Now you may not be in the position to (or want to) employ a marketing manager in-house. In that case you need to get some outside help who can help you get a website online (or update your old one) and then help you make a strategy and use that site as a tool to help you get more customers.

But why should you even bother?
And what does “web marketing strategy” even entail?

web marketing for small business is simple

Why You Need A Web Marketing Strategy

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Discount The Value Of Web Marketing To Your Business

web marketing small business

Just because the Internet exists and has become kind of a big deal for the last fifteen years, does not mean that you necessarily understand why web marketing matters for your business in particular. If you’re busy already and you get plenty of customers through word-of-mouth, traditional advertising and perhaps the odd web directory, then why should you bother taking the time and spending the money to establish a website and a web marketing strategy?

Here’s why…

web marketing small business

1 – People Are Searching Online

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The Cantankerous Old Bugger’s Guide To Why Bloody Bother Blogging Anyway

So it’s 2017 now and unless you’ve been living under a rock (hell, even if you HAVE been living under a rock!) you’re probably aware there is such a beast called a blog. You know, a journal-style series of web pages that … wait a second … THIS IS A BLOG! And you knew that. Kudos.

You’re also probably (somewhat painfully) aware that people “blog” as a way of marketing their business.

But not you.

cantankerous old bugger blogging
Bah – Why bloody bother blogging anyway?

You’re busy, you’re not really a writer, you’ve got nothing to say, and hell, you’re not even sure how, technically speaking, to do it. So of course you don’t blog!

And what kind of a verb is “blog” anyway? Surely, if it’s even a verb at all, it should, by the sound of it, describe the performance of some unmentionable body function?

But yay, verily I say unto thee – put aside your natural cantankerousness for a moment and consider these wise words from the wilderness (AKA The Dandenong Ranges).

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