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SEO: 3 Useful Google Analytics Tips

analytics tip

Google Analytics is too complicated & overwhelming for many business people but it contains highly valuable information for your business marketing strategy – so here’s 3 quick tips to help you understand your website traffic stats.

Here at GangBusters, we help our clients with, amongst other things, getting better results in Google for keywords that matter to their businesses. For example, we’ve been helping our lovely fridge mechanic client, Fridge0, move from Google obscurity into the top rankings for keywords that matter to them, like “Fridge Repairs Melbourne”, for example:

SEO tips

And one of the things we do if you become a client is set you up with Google Analytics so that you can revel in the statistics of who visited your website and where they came from. It’s very useful and gives some great insights into what is working and what needs improvement.

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5 Great Reasons To Choose A Local Web Design Company

local website design company

Hiring a local company for website and online marketing makes sense, here’s why…

Having been in the website marketing business for a decade, I have lost count of small business operators who tell me that they get bombarded regularly by SEO and/or website design companies, usually via email but also by phone. Many of these companies are located offshore and the rest, if based in Australia, are certainly not local. Now, I am sure some of these are fine, but there are some pretty compelling reasons to decide on a local website design company and here they are:

local website design company

5 Reasons To Choose A Local Website Company

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas

marketing ideas for restaurants

I used to work in hospitality, nearly bought a cafe once and still to this day have a fantasy about starting a chain of eateries of some description. Of course, I am not a restauranteur; I am a marketing consultant. But the dream persists.

Consequently, whenever I eat out, be it fast food or fine-dining, I am always thinking of marketing ideas for restaurants. Here is one of my own, perhaps the most important one of all, because it is about strategy, not just tactics:

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The 3 Most Important Things in Online Marketing

online marketing clarity

To paraphrase that old real estate “location” joke:

Q. What are the three most important things in the online marketing game?

A. Clarity, Clarity, Clarity!

Sounds glib, and yet it is true. The biggest problem that most businesses have when it comes to web marketing – any marketing – is a lack of clarity.

online marketing clarity

You need clarity about what you do, who you serve, what problems you solve for your customers when you do it, why they should choose you over the competition and what words you can use that hit your prospect’s hot buttons and have them clamouring to buy.

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Get a website, not a headache…

get a website not a headache

You need to get a website.

How many times have you thought this to yourself?

But you’re running your business. You’re busy. You haven’t even looked at it properly because you don’t know where to start and that whole Internet thing does your head in.

Basically, getting a website looks painful…

get a website not a headache

Well – have no fear, our motto is “making marketing simple”, so let’s have a look at how we take the pain out of getting a website for your small business.

Firstly, why do you even need a website?

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