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Get a website, not a headache…

You need to get a website.

How many times have you thought this to yourself?

But you’re running your business. You’re busy. You haven’t even looked at it properly because you don’t know where to start and that whole Internet thing does your head in.

Basically, getting a website looks painful…

get a website not a headache

Well – have no fear, our motto is “making marketing simple”, so let’s have a look at how we take the pain out of getting a website for your small business.

Firstly, why do you even need a website?

Be Found, Look Great, and Get More Customers

Let’s not complicate things, you need a website to:

  • Be found
  • Look great
  • Get more customers

Be Found

It’s 2017 – you know people are using Google and a bunch of other webby, techno-sparkle ways to find your business, and there is nothing more frustrating than typing in what you do only to see everybody else and his dog there on Google but not you.

Even worse – typing in your business name and not seeing your business there – ouch!

Of course, you can’t expect to get found online if you don’t have a website. But maybe you do have one, but it still isn’t showing up in Google. That’s a problem. Good luck fixing it by yourself, I’ve been at this game for 10+ years now and let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park. (But it is do-able with the right help.)

Look Great

You probably get your customers via word of mouth. People refer you and your potential new customer sits down in front of his computer or whips out her phone and Googles your name. Assuming they CAN find you, what do they see? A smart, simple website that creates a good impression – or a dog’s breakfast?

Good looking websites don’t need to be complex, but they do need to look good in order to create the correct impression of your business: what it is you do and that you do it professionally.

Get More Customers

The pointy end of why you know you need a new small business website is because you need to get more customers. OK, sometimes businesses use websites to inform their clients, to stop people asking the same questions over and over and to promote themselves as industry thought leaders – but usually the name of the game is “how to get more customers”.

Cool, no worries, there’s plenty of information out there: just brush up on your HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, Value proposition crafting, persuasive sales copywriting, USP, email marketing, content marketing, retargeting, growth hacking, conversion optimisation, Adwords optimization and … the list goes on …

Ouch … you know that headache that just started pounding in your temples? We’re all about making that pain go away.

We make it simple.

We throw away the jargon.

We flush all the unnecessary BS down the dunny.

We explain clearly what you need (not that much) and what you don’t need (most of it).

We do it for you.

We take you on a 7 step journey to small business markiting nirvana: a website you love that helps you to be found, look great, and get more customers.

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