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The Cantankerous Old Bugger’s Guide To Why Bloody Bother Blogging Anyway

So it’s 2017 now and unless you’ve been living under a rock (hell, even if you HAVE been living under a rock!) you’re probably aware there is such a beast called a blog. You know, a journal-style series of web pages that … wait a second … THIS IS A BLOG! And you knew that. Kudos.

You’re also probably (somewhat painfully) aware that people “blog” as a way of marketing their business.

But not you.

cantankerous old bugger blogging
Bah – Why bloody bother blogging anyway?

You’re busy, you’re not really a writer, you’ve got nothing to say, and hell, you’re not even sure how, technically speaking, to do it. So of course you don’t blog!

And what kind of a verb is “blog” anyway? Surely, if it’s even a verb at all, it should, by the sound of it, describe the performance of some unmentionable body function?

But yay, verily I say unto thee – put aside your natural cantankerousness for a moment and consider these wise words from the wilderness (AKA The Dandenong Ranges).

1 – Blogging Regularly Gives You Visibility

“But I don’t want to be visible!” I hear you grumble. Yes, well, we’re not talking about visible to the ATO, we’re talking about visible to your potential customers.

Blogging regularly gives you a reason to email your list, post self-serving waffle helpful, interesting information to your Facebook page (remember your Facebook page?) and it might just even get you found on Google by someone who wants to buy what you’re flogging. Maybe.

2 – Blogging Positions You

While there are many positions that you (quite rightly) feel that nobody should ever see you in, there is one useful position for you as a businessman/woman/thing and that is Position: Expert.

You know, in the thing you sell.

But you can’t really be seen as an expert in anything if you don’t have an opinion. I mean the words “expert” and “opinion” kind of go hand in hand.

And there’s no real point having an opinion if nobody (but your long-suffering familials) know about it.
Hence – blog. ‘Nuff said.

Oh and by the way, writing for blogs targeted at your industry peers positions you as an expert to your customers, even if they won’t get much out of the actual blog.

3 – Blogging Reminds People What You Do

Believe it or not, most people on your email list or who “like” you on Facebook give way more craps about themselves than they do about you and your racket business. They’ve got a running list of priorities in their heads, of which the top 13,629 positions consist of the item “Me” followed by an endless and completely ignored list of other items of which you and your cash-grab offering come in at about nowhere.

I’m sorry to be so harsh but, from one cantankerous old bugger to another – suck it up, ‘cos it’s the truth.

But of course you and your ponzi scheme service actually do (I hope) have some use to certain people in certain situations so by putting yourself out there you remind them that you exist and might possibly be of assistance in their nihilistic quest for instantaneous self-gratification hour of need.

Unfortunately, just repeatedly spamming the Internet with cries of “We make the best hand-crocheted underpants ever – buy some now!” just won’t cut it so you kind of need to be a little more conniving strategic than that.

Blogging is one such strategy and it even works some times too. It does for me. I know that whenever I need more sales I just need to start blogging as often as possible and eventually the children will be able to give up panhandling and go back to school. (I also know that most people won’t read the blogs, but this doesn’t stop it from working, strange but true.)

Anyway, case made, but there is one more reason to consider blogging:

You know that frustrated feeling you get sometimes that you don’t have a voice in this big ol’ noisy world? Well, before you leave another snarky anonymous comment under an online political news article, consider this: your blog is yoursthey can’t block you from further comment – no matter WHAT you say!!!*

*Although some of them can arrest you. Best bear that in mind…

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