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5 Great Reasons To Choose A Local Web Design Company

Hiring a local company for website and online marketing makes sense, here’s why…

Having been in the website marketing business for a decade, I have lost count of small business operators who tell me that they get bombarded regularly by SEO and/or website design companies, usually via email but also by phone. Many of these companies are located offshore and the rest, if based in Australia, are certainly not local. Now, I am sure some of these are fine, but there are some pretty compelling reasons to decide on a local website design company and here they are:

local website design company

5 Reasons To Choose A Local Website Company

1 – Nothing Beats Face-to-Face

Nothing that substitutes face-to-face meetings with business-to-business provider. Why? Well, I suspect that if you have run a business for any length of time then I preaching to the converted but the main reasons are because it is just a lot harder to BS somebody when the other party is able to look you in the eye? There are so many unspoken subtleties of communication that are conveyed by body language, facial expressions and just “a vibe” that are not perceptible via email.

The best way to know if somebody is pulling your chain is to look them right in the eye and even though Skype and Facetime do exist, they are poor substitutes for face-to-face meetings.

2) Pointing At The Screen is Just Easier

Ever tried explaining in an email “about the thing”? You know, “the thing, up to the right, it was red but now it’s blue cos I am hovering my mouse over it. The whatsit, y’know?”

So much time and effort is wasted in writing out emails trying to explain what you mean in emails, and trying to understand technical jargon that comes back from website designers and then when they get it wrong or only actually complete 80% of the job, re-explaining what was missed. SO much easier just to point at the screen and leave it to the expert to take some notes.

3) A Strong Local Economy is Good For Business

OK – I’m not an economist but I am practical enough to understand that the more money stays in your local economy, the more money locals will have to spend on your business. Hiring a local means that a local kid gets to spend money on a local dance class and that dance class gets to spend money on a local sign-writer who spends money on a local accountant and… the list goes on … and maybe one of those “locals” is your business!

4) You Get What You Pay For

The main appeal off offshore SEO and website companies is the price tag. Obviously if your outsourcer is based in a developing country they come with a cheaper hourly rate, however, the sad fact of the matter is that it is often a false economy. I have lost count of how many clients or colleagues who has told me the sad tale of being burned by the idea of cheap labour only to discover it isn’t worth the bother, and I am one of them. The truth is, there are a lot of cultural differences overseas when it comes to work standards and the capacity to creatively solve problems. Also the language barrier is often a problem. All of this means repeating instructions over and over until the job is done right. It means investment up front in detailed working specifications, instead of being able to leave an expert to connect the dots, many of which may seem obvious to you but not to offshore workers who have only been trained to follow instructions, not to think creatively.

5) Local Means Accountability

Many clients come to us and tell us that they are tired of spending money only to wonder what it is there website or SEO company is actually doing. It seems that the phone rings hit until the contract is signed and the direct debit set up, but then all goes quiet and the business operator, not being an expert in website marketing, is left wondering what is happening.

Well, one of the best things about hiring a local website company is that you get serious accountability so that you are not left in the dark. Local businesses like ours live and die by our reputation in the local community. This means that (if we are smart) we will go to great lengths to deliver on our promises and go the extra mile. This is fantastic for you because it means you get a service provider who is really focussed on delivering your value, not just getting your money and leaving you wondering what is being done or indeed if anything at all is being done or if you are just getting fleeced!

Here at GangBusters, we are distinguishing ourselves as the website marketing experts who come to you. It’s a simple premise but a popular one. You will not be left in the dark wondering what is happening, as we regularly call or email you with updates and we come to see you at least once a month is not more, depending on your needs.

Hiring a local company for website and online marketing makes sense! Here at GangBusters Marketing & Websites, we cater to the Melbourne Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs, from our base in the Dandenong Ranges. Click here to contact us now. 





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