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Web Marketing is Simple – and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on customers

Websites: every great business has one but there is more to it than just throwing up a website and calling it a day, because as well as a website, every great business also has:

Now you may not be in the position to (or want to) employ a marketing manager in-house. In that case you need to get some outside help who can help you get a website online (or update your old one) and then help you make a strategy and use that site as a tool to help you get more customers.

But why should you even bother?
And what does “web marketing strategy” even entail?

web marketing for small business is simple

Why You Need A Web Marketing Strategy

There are two possible reasons:

  1. either you desperately need customers
  2. or you have established revenue but you suspect you are missing out on some customers because your web presence is either lacklustre or non-existent.

Either way…

If You Don’t Have A Web Marketing Strategy You Are Missing Out On Customers

The truth is that if you sell something that has any demand whatsoever, then for sure potential customers are out there hitting the web up day in day out looking for what it is you sell. Just think about these Google search stats…

Every month, approximately:

  • 5400 Australians search for “kids shoes” in Google
  • 1900 people search for “possum removal”
  • 2900 people search for “yoga for beginners”
  • 3600 type in “handyman”

And on and on the list goes on. Sometimes they use variations, for example “handyman services”, and sometimes they use suburbs, “handyman Ringwood”, for example – and sometimes they get shown local service providers either way, because Google knows where they are, so displays local results.

And everytime that you’re not there, you miss out on that customer.

So a web marketing strategy looks at how to fix this problem. But buyer beware: the “get me on the front page of Google” ocean is swimming with sharks. The rip-offs are rife.

Anyway, It’s Not JUST About Google

Besides getting on the front page of Google for the keywords that matter to your business, you also miss out on customers if you don’t:

  • Have a great looking website that presents a professional image.

People will check you out online after being referred to you by a friend or relative. What do you think happens if they can’t find your website or the one you have sucks?

Once they’re gone, they will rarely come back of their own accord; you need to try and get their email while they are there.

  • Regularly publish new, relevant information.

Doing so helps your Google rankings, gives you something to post to social media and something to email to your list – all of which help you to get more customers.

So the three things you need are:

  • A good looking website that clearly communicates what you do
  • A web marketing strategy that spells out, simply, how your business will use the website to get more customers over time
  • A web marketing manager (in-house or external) who will help you to create the site and the strategy and will get the work done of executing the marketing strategy

With the wrong help, you can spend a lot of money for very little return on investment.

With the right help, it will be clear and simple to understand how, with consistent, focussed effort over time, effective web marketing almost guarantees you a leg up over the competition who for the most part: will. not. do it.

And therein lies the opportunity!

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